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Kwaku Osei Owusu Achim (b. 1991) is an emerging conceptual contemporary Ghanaian artist based in Accra, Ghana, focusing on the intersection between how we see ourselves in the world and how our surroundings see us.


Achim is a self taught artist, who work mainly with the acrylic and oil. His work focuses on sign language and portraiture of black figures, through abstraction he incorporates

the displacement of the body to represent the mode of communication.

The hand is a powerful tool, it creates, destroys, communicates and directs. Just as the mouth is naturally used to communicate verbally, unspoken thoughts can be expressed and heard distinctly with these hands. Through the use of the hand, he conceptualizes the theme of choices and it affects the path that we chose in our decision making.

In 2021 he was a visiting fellow at the Noldor Residency in Accra, Ghana. Achim finds inspiration from Jean-Michel Basquiat, Egon Shiele and Salvador Dali. 


Image courtesy of the Artist
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