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02 SEPTEMBER 2022 - 31 OCTOBER 2022


AYANDA FINE ART presents An Im/perfect Balance, it's POP-UP exhibition at Haroldstrasse 14, Düsseldorf.  The show  curated by Fadzai Veronica Muchemwa is the gallery's inaugural exhibition and presents works from  artists from France, Ghana,Ivory Coast, South Africa, USA and Zimbabwe.


Balance is a state of rest or equilibrium due to the equal action of opposing forces. This exhibition is a story of lives, dreams, and memories intertwining, entangling, and unravelling. The word balance is embedded, imbued with, and evokes a profoundly layered meaning. It connotes extreme effort in ensuring that chaos is kept at bay and not letting the world run wild.

The artists in this exhibition come together to push the boundaries of their respective mediums. The show also features a great fondness towards the materials that artists work with while allowing the materials to behave as the expressive quality of the work and the necessity of breaking imagery down to its component layers.  


An Im/perfect Balance explores issues of history and time, focusing on the power of visual sources in creating and manipulating social reality. The project is partly inspired by Victor Burgin’s essay Nagori: Writing with Barthes. Nagori is a Japanese term that means ‘remains of the waves’ but also a sense of resignation, a destiny that cannot be changed, and things that pass.


The exhibition will feature artists who attempt acts of temporal recovery through speculative futures and weaponizing the image focusing on difficult questions associated with storytelling, space, and time. The complexities of the significance of temporal development in new artistic practices manifest in the treatment of time, matter, and memory in creating a mosaic of concepts that destabilise our conventional understanding of matter. 


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